Saturday, 31 January 2015

Blueprints for a snow sculpture and la tartine à la confiture

Grades 3-8 will be carving Noah's Ark this year, and we will try our best to follow these blueprints!  We'll post them on the French bulletin board as well.

Our scale is 1 square=15 cm or 6"

Here is our snow block, which is perhaps a little smaller than 12' x 4' x 7', due to some melting since last weekend.  Please stay posted for progress on our snow sculpture!

In our community this afternoon, on the corner of Marion and St. Mary's Road, two very experienced sculptors were happy to get their picture taken while they were busy at work on their snow sculpture.  They will also be working on the sculpture on Broadway and Main Street, which will be 14' high!  They also start their work using blueprints and gridlines on their snow block. 

On another note, in Grade Six, four different groups of students  placed animals in three different categories, agressifs (aggressive), sales (dirty) and dangereux (dangerous): 

Quite the interesting debate ensued, especially when cats and dogs were classified as dirty animals!  Students were expected to justify their statements en français.

Grade 6  celebrated their speaking in French for the month of January, earning nearly 700 points for each sentence spoken in French!  The Grade 7/8 class earned close to 900 points!  Bravo!  Both classes enjoyed some tartine à la confiture and a French video.

The Grade 3-5 classes continued their individual guided tours of our school.  Each day, a different student gives the tour while we make our way to the French classroom.

We've also been helping 'Nina' the mouse find her way through a maze using similar vocabulary for our school guided tours.  We had a test on parts of the school and on following the directions right, left and straight ahead.

Bonne fin de semaine!

Mme Christensen

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