Saturday, 27 June 2015

What to do in French over the summer...

How about a tour of Saint Boniface? It's a lovely walk from the Forks over the Esplanade Riel into the heart of Saint Boniface!

Provencher Boulevard

Try a French restaurant and visit the boutiques of Saint Boniface! 

  Don't forget to pick up a few books from the French library for a good read at home.  The Saint Boniface Library has an excellent selection for readers of all levels.  

All public libraries have French books I'm sure.  However, this library has a broad selection of books, audio books, CD's, DVD's and magazines in French.  The library books that I have borrowed for our classroom use have come from this library which is at the corner of Provencher and Tache, near the Esplanade Riel, pictured above.  The upstairs portion of the library offers a lovely area to read with a panoramic view of the Red River.

Click on this link for a very detailed list of francophone cultural attractions in and around our city and province: events, festivals, shops, services, boutiques,restaurants, museums, guided tours and more!

I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday.  Bonnes vacances!

Mme Christensen

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