Sunday, 27 September 2015


(picture was taken just this past Friday--the date on my camera is wrong!)

A welcome routine in our French class is the creation of birthday cards! A typical birthday card for Grades 6-8 has this information (without the English):

Joyeux anniversaire, ________________!           
Tu as __________ ans!                                       
Tu es ____ et _____!        
Je te donne _________________!
De ton ami(e), ____________   

(Happy birthday, _________!
You are ______ years old!
You are ________ and ___________!
I'm giving you _______________! (Students pretend to be giving a virtual gift.)
From your friend, ____________ )       

The creation of birthday cards is an authentic form of written communication that gives students the opportunity to practice in context the verbs 'être' and 'avoir' as well as the use of the masculine or feminine forms of adjectives. The 'virtual gift' sentence gives us an opportunity to explore additional vocabulary while discussing what the birthday girl or boy likes.  The student above obviously likes Minions!  Above all, birthday cards give us an opportunity to make someone feel special.    

Grades 4-6 are continuing to review sentences that help us describe ourselves in French. Grades 7-8 are beginning to write a short paragraph describing some events of their summer vacation using the passé composé (past tense).  At all levels, we've been playing the "voice change game" for fun repetition in our oral work.
A student in class will ask the student at the whiteboard a question on a purple card, changing their voice. The student at the whiteboard will answer in a full sentence, trying to guess who asked the question.

À lundi!

Mme Christensen

p.s. Our 'After School in French' zumba sessions begin Monday from 3:30-4:15.

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