Friday, 15 January 2016

Il fait froid! It's cold out!

The images of mugs of hot chocolate will hopefully help us feel warmer when we come in from recess!  Here is our calendrier:

Our "mini-prof" questions the class about the date, weather, season and any favorite winter activities. Students are very good about expressing their opinions about whether or not they think it is cold, cool or quite nice outside.

Grade Seven and Eight students are working on adaptations to recipes to help prepare them to create a recipe of their own for our class recipe book. This week we looked at a recipe in French for Rice Krispies squares and adapted the recipe by adding two new ingredients.  We also learned vocabulary to describe the measurements of ingredients for recipes.

Grade Four/Five class have been practicing reading aloud the text "La Grande Course" which is a version of "The Tortoise and the Hare".  The Grade Five/Six class has analyzed this text, searching for "mots amis"(words that are similar in meaning and pronunciation as English words), "faux amis" (the opposite of 'mots amis'), familiar words, adjectives, and words with the accents é and è.

 Both classes have also been creating birthday cards for students that have birthdays soon!

It has been great to get back to routines in the New Year.  Stay warm!

Bonne fin de semaine,

Mme Christensen

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