Monday, 22 February 2016

Festival du Voyageur, in pictures

A special thank-you to all parents and teachers who helped make our Festival du Voyageur activities this week successful and fun for all!

Wednesday was a busy day--we dressed like voyageurs or pioneers, sang the Voyageur song and danced a jig at chapel!

We enjoyed a taste of pea soup, bannock and maple syrup at lunch.

Maple syrup is so sweet!

Students from Grades 4-8 had fun carving our snow sculpture!

And the finished product, below! Good job, everyone!

All students from Grades 4-8 attended the Festival du Voyageur on Friday.  A very special thank you to all the parents who drove and chaperoned students to this event!   Please check the Gr. 4/5 and 5/6 classroom blogs for photos/news.

The Gr. 7/8 students enjoyed a drama entitled "Red River Conflicts".

Here is one of our very strong Gr. 7 students carrying a "90" lb package of goods!

Our second workshop, "Winter Trading Camp" was in a tipi.  We learned some very interesting and important ways that the indigenous women played an integral role in the fur trade. 

A sculpture made by a team from Ecuador

Our last workshop was at Fort Gibraltar.

This voyageur reminded us that the junction of the Assiniboine and the Red Rivers is really not a "fork" but a confluence, or a meeting of rivers. 

Maple taffy, our tasty treat at the end of the day!

A recipe for pea soup found on a bag of locally grown peas in the maple sugar shack

A very unexpected visitor!  This is an Arctic Fox (crossed with another variety of fox) who was rescued from the fur industry and was brought to the Festival du Voyageur for educational purposes.

The aMAZE-ing snow maze

We burned off lots of maple-taffy calories on the snow hills before we left to go back to school!

Finally, a 'cool' exit!

Thank you to the many wonderful organizers and volunteers at the Festival du Voyageur who enabled us to have a very memorable day!

Bon festival,
Mme Christensen

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