Saturday, 17 December 2016

Apprendre en faisant: Hands-on learning in French!

Our Grade 8 students had the unique privilege of attending the "Apprendre en faisant" workshops along with approximately 170 other Grade 8 students from Winnipeg and around our province this past week. Students learned new skills and made new friends as they participated en français. Do enjoy these photos:

Les gaufres: Belgian waffle-making

Belgian waffle-taking

Belgian waffle-devouring : )  Mange, mange, mange!

Zumba! We needed a bit of exercise after all those waffles : )

La magie: simple, yet astounding, magic tricks!

 Les tambours

 La drame pour nos acteurs

De la pizza et de la salade pour le dîner! MMM!
Mange, mange, mange!

La pièce de résistance: le chocolat

Instruction in the art of chocolate-making

Quel plaisir! All of our students were able to participate in this chocolate-making workshop.

Students also enjoyed a bit of yoga and crafting. A huge MERCI BEAUCOUP to the parents who helped to transport students to and from this event! A huge MERCI BEAUCOUP also to the dedicated artists and teachers who worked tirelessly to organize and run the "Apprendre en faisant" workshops so that our students could have a day immersed in French.

Next week we will be using Christmas vocabulary en français in our classroom activities. Bonne fin de semaine!

Mme Christensen

PS. Où est le drapeau français??

I apologize that I do not have a photo to give you a hint; my attempts to send a photo via an IPad were unsuccessful.  Here is a written hint:

Le drapeau est près du placard blanc.


À lundi, mes amis!   : )

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