Monday, 15 May 2017

Bonne fête Maman!

How is Mother's Day celebrated in France? For starters, it is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. If Pentecost falls on that Sunday, then it is celebrated the first Sunday in June.  Hear all about it on this blog, "Comme une française", which is a great source for cultural information:

So as to not spoil the surprise, I've waited until now to share a few pictures of the beautiful paper roses made by students in French class for their moms.  Simple instructions were given in French to help students create these roses which will last much longer than fresh ones!

As we were so focused on making roses, we did not look for le drapeau français et canadien this week. They are hiding in the same spot as last week, so please check out last week's blog!  

Next week, all students are continuing their work on their sandwich projects (Grades 4/5 and 5/6) and their newscast projects (Grades 7/8).

Joyeuse fête des Mères!

Bonne semaine,

Mme Christensen

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