Monday, 27 November 2017


We have been working at implementing PAX strategies in our French classroom. "Tootles" are a way of celebrating students' leadership behaviours in class; these certificates have gained lots of attention in our class these days!

A "tootle" is the opposite of a tattle. These certificates celebrate students' achievement in many ways in the classroom.

"Tootles" are on display in the French classroom.

"Tootles" are one of a number of strategies taught in PAX, the 'good behaviour game' which aims to create more peace, productivity, health and happiness in our classes.

On another note...

Last week, the Grade Five and Six classes identified and used strategies to assist in reading comprehension:

  • mots-amis (words that look alike and are similar in meaning in French and in English)
  • mots familiers (familiar words from previous learning in French)
  • les images (pictures that support the text)
  • context clues
We read through this unfamiliar text and learned a lot about a hockey hero, Henri Richard!

Students in Grade Three and Four have been doing some review and will be starting a unit on the family which will take us to Christmas. Students in Grade Seven and Eight are starting a fashion unit.

All students will be busy practicing for student-led conferences this week. I look forward to seeing students with their families!

Bonne semaine,
Mme Christensen

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