Monday, 18 December 2017

Fashion and Trashion

Our Grade 7 and 8 class has started a clothing unit; we had a test this past week on basic vocabulary. We have also have been asking each other clothing and fashion-related questions, starting with a basic question such as:

Qu'est-ce que tu portes aujourd'hui?  (What are you wearing today?)

Here is a link to some free on-line activities to help us practice our vocabulary more:

We've also been delving deeper into our opinions and convictions about what we wear and the impact of our clothing choices upon ourselves, others and our world.  We considered: 

Dans ton opinion, est-ce que la mode est importante? Pourquoi ou pourquoi pas? (In your opinion, is fashion important? Why or why not?) With our basic French vocabulary, we explored ideas about fashion and clothing that perhaps we have not considered in the past, such as the impact that fashion has had on our history as a country and the impact fashion has on our environment and economy.

Grade 7 and 8 students have been given a letter to take home to parents regarding their fashion project which is due Monday, January 15. Students will be creating a useful wearable item or accessory from repurposed materials. This item will be a springboard for conversation and will be featured in a class fashion show and expo.  Here are some photos of students' work from two years ago for inspiration!

In our Grade 5/6 class, we finished playing a classroom board game, "Est-ce que tu aimes ça?", which comes from our text, below, and is based on vocabulary about our sports and hobbies. Huge congratulations for their great use of French vocabulary and expressions to play the game! We had a test on this vocabulary this past Friday.  

Our Grade 3/4 class has many birthdays at the end of December so we are busy getting classroom birthday cards done for these students.

\Bonne semaine,

Mme Christensen

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