Sunday, 8 April 2018

Quizlet Megastars!

The Grade 5/6 class has been doing a superb job learning vocabulary in our Quizlet for our new food unit which gets us ready to follow a recipe for sushi!  Our Quizlet teaches the vocabulary and its pronunciation and then tests us on our learning through evaluations and fun games. Feel free to try this for yourself--just look at the right side of this column and click on Gr. 5/6 Quizlet: le sushi. Great job, everyone!

Before Spring Break, the Gr. 7/8 class finished their fashion unit but we did not have time until this week to have our fashion show. The photos from this event will be posted in next week's blog. This week, the Gr. 7/8 class also began their new unit, Aventures en plein air, during which we will look forward to summer and learn vocabulary related to outdoor activities such as camping. We will be researching a treasure that God has blessed us with here in Canada, our national parks.

Our Grade 3/4 class has started a pizza unit; we have been busy learning some yummy vocabulary! 

Bonne semaine,
Mme Christensen

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