Friday, 24 April 2015

Book Buddies in French

Today some of our Grade 3 students thoroughly enjoyed being paired up with Grade 7 and 8 students who read them stories in French.

Public libraries are a wonderful source for reading material in French.  The books today came from the Saint Boniface Public Library on the corner of Provencher and Tache.  This library has an abundance of books in French including a very good selection of high-interest, low-vocabulary readers for those beginning to learn French.  I encourage families to visit a public library to take advantage of these great books and the learning opportunities they provide!

Our Grade 3-5 students have had fun this week acting out various animals as well as some adjectives.  We have had a good time playing some guessing games!

Hmm...what animal will I be???

Students would ask questions like this:

"Tu es un éléphant?"  (You're an elephant?)
"Non, je ne suis pas un éléphant." (No, I'm not an elephant.)

"Tu es un chat?" (You're a cat?)
"No, je ne suis pas un chat." (No, I'm not a cat.)

"Tu es un dauphin?" (You're a dolphin?)
"Oui, je suis un dauphin!  (Yes, I'm a dolphin!)

We also learned this week that we can use "Est-ce que..." at the beginning of questions and we practiced that as well.  For example:

"Est-ce que tu es un éléphant/chat/dauphin? (Are you an elephant/cat/dolphin?)

We will be using these sentence structures to work with our new adjectives next week as well.

Grades 6-8 have been making use of the new vocabulary and structures they have been learning in our new unit, "Les aventures en plein air".  We are starting to listen to and read a dialogue between two people who discuss camping adventures in one of Canada's national parks, Parc Kejimkujik.  It is a fascinating park and like all national parks, its website is in both our official languages. We had a look at the website this week:

All Grade 6-8 students will need to choose one of Canada's national parks as part of their project for this unit.

Bonne fin de semaine tout le monde!

Mme Christensen

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