Friday, 26 January 2018

Les voyageurs de 5/6

We had a departure from our usual routine in the grade 5/6 French class at the end of Friday. Our floors are slated to be beautifully cleaned and polished over the weekend, so we worked hard to temporarily move the contents of the classroom to the gym.  Good things we had some strong voyageurs in class that are ready for anything...

How to portage a carpet

Earlier in the week however, this same class was continuing to work on their adaptations of the quiet game.

Speaking of voyageurs, this is a reminder to all gr. 3-8 students to bring in their signed permission slips next week for our upcoming Festival du Voyageur fieldtrip!

Our Grade 3/4 class has been working diligently on their descriptions of their families; these projects should be all done by early next week.  We will be reading this work aloud to one another next week.

Our 7/8 class will continue to work on the rough drafts of the descriptions of their upcycled fashion creations.

Bonne fin de semaine!
Mme Christensen

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