Friday, 2 February 2018

Adapting the "Quiet Game"

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Grade 5/6 class loves playing "the quiet game" for a pax Granny Whacky prize.  This game involves students standing on chairs and tossing and catching a soft, larger ball. The object of the game is to not make a sound while throwing and catching the ball successfully with your classmates. If not, you are out and you need to get down from your chair. The last person standing wins (although we never really have played the game long enough to get to that point). 

As part of our games unit, students have been writing up their own versions of the quiet game in French. Soon we hope to be able to start presenting our games to our classmates, en français, of course!  Here we are, hard at work:

The Grade 7/8 class has been continuing to work on the written descriptions of their upcycled fashions plus practicing responding to the oral questions for this unit. The Grade 3/4 class has finished all their paragraphs describing their families this week; bravo! We will be practicing reading them aloud next week.

Bonne fin de semaine!
Mme Christensen

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