Monday, 4 June 2018

Les jeux de juin

Our sushi presentations for Grades 5 and 6 were finished last week. We learned a lot of vocabulary and structures related to food and as a bonus, we learned how to make and even enjoy sushi! Well done, everyone!

In our last presentation, two scrumptious shrimp and cucumber sushi rolls were prepared and devoured by the class!

This week, students Grades 5-8 will be evaluated for speaking for this term. Our Grade 7/8's will continue working as well on their outdoor adventure projects which demonstrate their writing abilities this term. Grades 3/4 will be starting a fun unit, Les Jeux de juin, (The June Games) which involves creating games that use vocabulary and structures learned in class this past year. It is a fun way to review all that we have learned.

Bonne semaine,
Mme Christensen

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