Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mange, mange, mange...

All three French classes, Grades 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 had activities this week that involved food! Our Grade 3/4 students celebrated the end of their pizza unit with a "build-your-own" pizza party. Students brought a huge variety of ingredients; thank you parents! Students built their pizzas on flatbreads which were then microwaved and enjoyed with gusto.

Some students were very creative in their presentation!

The Grade 5/6 students continued their hands-on presentations of their sushi recipes. Some wonderful sushi rolls were created in class this week with the following fillings: apple and carrot; cucumber and carrot; smoked salmon, cucumber and chicken; steak, shrimp, carrot and cucumber.  The creations were so tantalizing and convincing that we now have some new fans of sushi in our class! 

Unfortunately the photos that were taken are somewhere lost in cyberspace; I will do my best to retrieve and post them at a later date. Sushi recipe presentations will continue next week for the rest of the class who have not yet presented.

The Grade 7/8 class had a make-up French club session this week as our session a week and a half ago did not go so well...we had a recipe flop : (  I realize that in my haste I substituted a cup of flour with a cup of icing sugar which resulted in a gooey mess on the griddle.)  Our session this week went much better!

Grade 7/8 students will be continuing their work on their outdoor adventure projects this week. Oral evaluations on our conversational questions (bavardage amical) will also begin.

Bravo, mes élèves! Enjoy this warm weekend,

Mme Christensen

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