Friday, 3 March 2017

Dragon's Den...and a surprise visitor!

Over a week ago we were surprised by a special guest in Grade 7 and 8...
 Moe Leggett of our Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

Moe came to read to our school for our "I Love to Read" month; however, he found time in his busy schedule that day to come by to our French classroom as well. He shared that he is currently learning Spanish and we discussed some of the similarities and differences between the two languages.  Thank you, Moe, for encouraging us in our language learning pursuits!  Moe performed with one of our students in the RWB's Nutcracker ballet this past Christmas.

Our Gr. 7 and 8's have almost completely finished their "Dragon's Den" scripts--our writing that describes inventions that each student will bring before a panel of "dragons" who are fellow classmates. In our unit, each student will take turns being an entrepreneur as well as a dragon, presenting an invention and asking questions to classmates about their inventions. We've been busy this week putting the finishing touches on our writing as well as preparing questions.  Prototypes of inventions can be 2 or 3-dimensional. Here's a preview of a few of the inventions that will be presented:

The Grades 4-6 have finished their projects on "Une personne importante dans ma vie". Most have been practicing reading their projects and some will be posted on our French bulletin board outside the office.

This week we also said, "Au revoir, février!"

Finally, où est le drapeau français?

Voici l'indice:

We'll see who finds the French flag on Monday! This activity gives us a good opportunity to practice using our mots interrogatifs when asking questions about the flag's location in French--we can't always see it from our desks so we have to use our words to help find it!

Bonne fin de semaine!

Mme Christensen

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