Friday, 28 October 2016

Bonne fête à toi!

A regular occurrence in our French classroom is the creation of birthday cards.  Each student creates a birthday card for the birthday boy/girl:

In our cards, we include sentences that use the verbs être, avoir and donner to convey a heartfelt message to the recipient.

Here is an example of what we write in a card:

Joyeux anniversaire, Marie!/Bonne fête, Marie! 
Tu as dix ans!
Tu es super et sportive.
Je te donne des chocolats!
De ton ami(e), ____________

In the example above, we wish our friend a happy birthday, stating their age and giving a short description of him/her, using adjectives we choose from a vocabulary list.  In the fourth sentence we give a virtual gift and draw an illustration of it in the card. We have given our friends everything from pretend chocolates to a farm full of horses or even a trip around the world!

The grade 5/6 class created and presented cards today to our birthday girl!

May these birthday cards become cherished keepsakes from classmates!
Bonne fête!

Students from Grades 4-6 continue their projects on a sports hero or celebrity.  Grade 7 and 8 students will continue to work on the rough copies of their avatar projects.

On Monday we look forward to our classroom parties for Hallowe'en!

And we must not forget...

 Où est le drapeau français?

Voici l'indice pour la semaine prochaine:

Students who read this blog will truly have an edge over their classmates next week!

Bonne fin de semaine,

Mme Christensen

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